Out Valley Project: 2014 Schedule

Out Valley Project Update


The District continues to work on organization and planning for the 2014 construction season.  We have held our pre-construction meeting with the United States Forest Service where the main topics were how can we minimize the construction impacts to the environment while still getting the project done in 2014 and what fire safety measures should we take considering the dry forest conditions we are likely to encounter.

We are scheduling pre-construction meetings with our underground contractor, Q and D Construction and our overhead contractor, Wilson Construction to insure they are ready to go and that we are moving forward as a team.

The District has purchased many of the components for the Substations including:

 KM Blue:                                                                KM Green:

1.             Transformer (34.5:12.5kV)                1.             Transformer (115:34.5kV)

2.             Reactor (35kV)                                     2.             Breaker (115kV SF6)

3.             Switchgear (38kV)                               3.             Breaker (34.5kV SF6)

4.             Instrument Transformers & Gang Operated Switches

5.             115kV Trench CCVTs and Wave Trap

6.             Control Building

7.             Steel

We are currently out to bid for the construction of both the KM Green and KM Blue Substations.  These bids are due back on March 3rd with potential Board action on March 8th.

All of this “pre-construction” activity is vital in order to make the following timeline:

 Overhead Construction 2014 Schedule

May 1                                     Begin micro pile foundation construction on 115 kV line

June 1 – July 18                  Erect poles on 115 kV line

August 1                                Complete stringing conductor on 115 kV line

August 15                              Begin excavations on remainder of 34.5 kV foundations and begin erecting poles on complete foundations

September 20                      Complete stringing conductor on 34.5 kV line

September 27                      Complete construction of overhead segments


Underground Construction 2014 Schedule

April 1                                    Begin work on Bear River Road

May 5                                     Begin work in the Caltrans Right Of Way along State Route 88 (beginning at western end of project and working eastward towards Kirkwood)

May 27                                    Begin cabinet installation and stringing cable in completed conduit sections

August 31                              Complete construction of underground segments


KM Green Substation 2014 Schedule

May 19                                   Begin work on KM Green Substation – grounding and foundation work

July 31                                   Complete setting of transformer

September 12                      Energize KM Green Substation


KM Blue Substation 2014 Schedule

April 28                                  Begin work on KM Blue Substation – grounding and foundation work (This is the earliest start date anticipated.  Contractor may start as late as mid-May and still have adequate time to complete work)

July 15                                   Complete setting of transformer

September 26                      Energize KM Green Substation

Final Testing and Start-up

September 29                      Start final testing

October 31                            Project complete

Once the project is complete the District will need to purchase power off of the national grid.  To that end, the Board will be considering various agreements with the California Independent System Operator (ISO).  The ISO manages the flow of electricity across the high voltage, long distance power lines that make up 80 percent of California’s power grid.  This non-profit, public benefit corporation acts as a traffic controller by routing electrons, maximizing the use of the transmission system and its generation resources, and supervising maintenance of the lines.

To participate in the ISO, the District needs a Scheduling Coordinator and a Power Purchase Provider.  The District is working with Shell Energy to provide these services over the initial three year startup period.  Based on specific Board approved guidelines, Shell will provide and schedule electric power to come to Kirkwood and then “true up” our forecast with our actual usage.  As always, please let us know any comments you might have on the project.  Please email your comments to msharp@kmpud.com.

Posted March 15, 2014