Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the remote community of Kirkwood is located 60 miles east of Jackson, California just off of Scenic State Highway 88.  Kirkwood is 35 miles southwest of South Lake Tahoe.  It is approximately a three hour drive from the Bay Area and a one and one-half hour drive from Reno, Nevada.  Situated around a horseshoe-shaped valley the community has grown in use since Kirkwood Mountain Resort opened in 1972.  Residential and commercial real estate development is directed under the 2003 Kirkwood Specific Plan which allows for 1,413 residential units at build-out covering 732 acres of privately held land.  The community is committed to protecting the natural environment.

Kirkwood is a resort-oriented community, with about 100 full-time residents along with a number of second-homeowners.  Summer months offer access to Silver Lake to the west and Caples Lake to the east, excellent lake and stream fishing, plentiful wildflower gardens, numerous hiking and mountain biking trails and solitude from the Bay Area and the Central Valley.

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