Propane Service

The District operates the storage and distribution of propane in accordance with CPUC safety regulations.  The District began providing Propane Enterprise services on July 22, 2011 as a result of acquiring the existing propane gas and electric systems of Mountain Utilities, which was owned and operated as a subsidiary of Mountain Springs Kirkwood, LLC.

The District’s propane assets include approximately five miles of underground distribution lines ranging in diameter from 2-6 inches, which are located throughout the Kirkwood Valley, together with two storage tanks (one 20,000 gallon and one 30,000 capacity), a vacuum trailer, propane meters and numerous other miscellaneous tools and equipment required to operate the Propane Enterprise and to transport propane to customers.

The District is under contract for propane purchase and delivery with its supplier, Kiva Energy located in Manteca, California.  Propane is delivered via truck and the two storage tanks are filled two to three times weekly in the winter, and two to three times monthly in the summer.  The liquid propane is then vaporized and distributed to customers via the underground distribution lines.