Board of Directors


Effective December 08, 2017


Geoffrey Smith – President

Term of Office:  12/2015 to 12/2019 (Seat 1)

Geoff Smith has been a homeowner in Kirkwood since 1978.  After retiring from a career in property management in 2007, Geoff and his wife Melene enjoy all that Kirkwood has to offer in summer and winter.  Geoff has served multiple terms on both the KMA and KMPUD Planning Committees and is a summer volunteer Docent at the Carson Pass Interpretive Center.  Geoff can be emailed at


Eric Richert – Vice President

Term of Office:  12/2017 to 12/2021 (Seat 3)

Eric Richert has been a member of the District’s Board of Directors since December 2009. Eric is a retired architect and enjoyed a twenty year career in a private architectural practice and eighteen years as a VP at Sun Microsystems. Eric and his wife, Sandy, share their time between their homes in Menlo Park, CA and Kirkwood, CA.   Eric can be reached at or (650) 380-2008.


Standish O’Grady  – Treasurer

Term of Office:  12/2015 to 12/2019 (Seat 2)

Standish O’Grady joined the District’s Board of Directors in December 2011. Standish has over thirty years of business experience primarily as a venture capitalist. Standish and his wife, Anne, have shared their time between homes in San Francisco and Kirkwood since 1996.  Standish can be reached at


Peter A. Dornbrook – Secretary

Term of Office:  12/2017 to 12/2021 (Seat 5)

Peter Dornbrook is the only original member of the Kirkwood Meadows Public Utility District’s Board of Directors.  He has been in office since 1985, and has lived and worked in Kirkwood as a welder since July 1977.  Cross country skiing, hiking and metal sculpting are his hobbies.  Peter can be contacted at



Bob Epstein – Assistant Secretary

Term of Office: 12/2017 to 12/2021 (Seat 4)

Bob Epstein, a Board Member since 2012, is an entrepreneur and engineer with a Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. He is a co-founder of five companies: Sybase, New Resource Bank, GetActive Software, Zight, and Britton-Lee. Bob currently splits his professional time between his roles as co-founder of Environmental Entrepreneurs, Director of New Resource Bank and Trustee of the Natural Resources Defense Council. Bob is Vice Chairman of California’s Economic and Technology Advancement Advisory Committee for AB 32. Bob’s community activities are focused on the environment, public education and opera.  Bob can be emailed at


Contact Person:  Erik M. Christeson

District General Manager


Revised 06/2019