Solid Waste Service

The District provides optional, contract solid waste service to the Kirkwood homeowners associations at a central dumpster pad adjacent to the Wastewater Treatment Plant and at some condominium complexes.  All commercial enterprises contract directly with a vendor for their solid waste and are not District solid waste customers.

Hazardous Waste Disposal:

Hazardous waste is accepted at the South Tahoe Refuse Transfer Station, 2140 Ruth Avenue, South Lake Tahoe.  Available to all California residents, drop-offs are accepted Tuesdays and Saturdays only, from 9:00am to Noon and 1:00pm to 4:00pm.  For more information, call 530-542-8368.

Unapproved Items:

Per Regulation 810.02, no person shall dispose of or discard any of the following waste types at or into the District Bins;

  • highly flammable waste or substance
  • explosive waste or substance
  • sewage sludge or substance
  • radioactive waste or substance
  • paint
  • highly infectious or contagious material
  • dead animals
  • any type of battery
  • furniture
  • electronics (televisions, computers, speakers, etc.)
  • major household appliances aka white goods (refrigerator, washer, dryer, dishwasher)
  • heavy metal items (auto parts)
  • tires
  • trees, stumps, logs, Christmas Trees, or other plant material
  • discarded carpet, floor coverings or debris generated from construction, demolition, remodeling, alteration, repair or improvement project (lumber, concrete, bricks, cinder blocks, sheet rock, roofing material, and siding material).

Hot Ashes

Dispose of barbecue and fireplace ashes in the container near the Aces dumpsters on Loop Road marked “Ashes Only”.  Do not dump them on your property!

Solid Waste Recycling Update

Together with ACES, the District promotes the collection of recyclable materials in the Valley to help comply with the current State mandate of 50% of all waste to be recycled, and to prepare for a law that requires California to divert (recycle) 75% of its waste by January 1, 2020.  The District provides three blue recycling bins that are located at the main disposal site, next to the Wastewater Treatment Plant on Loop Road. Recyclable items are sorted at the ACES Waste Transfer Station in Ione, CA.

Acceptable Recycling Items:

  • Aluminum cans, clean foil and containers
  • Clean cardboard (flatten boxes or cut to 2’x2’ squares)
  • Glass bottles, jars and containers (remove lids)
  • Newspaper
  • Clean paper, bags catalogs, cereal, cracker or shoe boxes, computer paper, construction paper, paper egg cartons, envelopes, junk mail, magazines, telephone books, white paper
  • Plastic bottles, jugs and jars
  • Tin and steel cans

Unacceptable Recycling Items:

  • Hazardous waste (antifreeze, motor oil, paint, etc.)
  • Construction debris
  • Dirty aluminum foil
  • Pizza boxes
  • Mirrors, light bulbs, drinking glasses, Pyrex, dishes, safety or auto glass
  • Food or moisture contaminated paper such as paper plates, cups, napkins, paper towels or tissues
  • Styrofoam cups, waxed milk cartons, food trays packaging or packing materials
  • Plastic bags, plastic wrap, hoses, toys, plastic plates, cups or straws

Thanks for supporting this effort and if you should have any questions, please contact the District at 209-258-4444.