(RATES AS OF JULY 1, 2018)

 Current Electric Rate Information

 Electric Base Rate  $14.23 per month

 Electric Usage Rate  $0.67 kwh

 Electric Remote Meter Rate $2.94 per month

Current Propane Rate Information

 Propane Base Rate  $5.65 per month

 Propane Usage Rate  $.0677 per cubic foot

Propane Meter Charge $3.36 per month

 Propane Fuel Adjustment – Reflects Cost of Fuel

Current Water Rate Information

Water Base Rate $27.15 per month

Water Usage Rate $7.73 per 100 cubic feet

Irrigation Water Rate $4.80 per 100 cubic feet

Water Meter Charge $3.30 per month

Current Wastewater Rate Information

Sewer Base Rate $38.57 per month

Wastewater Usage Rate $33.40 per 100 cubic feet

 Solid Waste Rate $17.61 per month

Fire Assessment Fee $0.040 per square foot/per year


All water supplied by the District will be measured by means of water meters, owned and maintained by the District. The cubic foot will normally be the unit of measure, and the amounts charged for service shall be based on the current rates established by the District.

Commercial and residential meters will normally be read monthly by way of a radio read interrogating system. The District will test the accuracy of any of its meters upon the request of a customer, who will advance the cost of such test as determined by the District.  The customer may, if he/she desires, witness the test.  If a meter is found to be working improperly, it will be repaired or replaced by the District. If it is determined that the meter is registering more than 2% over the actual quantities passing through it, the cost of said test deposited by the customer shall be refunded.

Bills for service will be mailed to the post office address furnished to the District. The owner shall be responsible for keeping the District advised on the address to which bills are to be mailed.  Non-receipt of a bill shall not relieve an owner of any payment obligation to the District.  

Bills shall be due and payable on mailing or presentation.  Payment shall be made at the District office or to a collector authorized by the District. Failure to pay billed amount in a timely manner will result in a service shut-off.