Guide to Your Statement of Utility Bill

Following is a description of the information provided on the District’s utility statement:

The Statement is broken into five parts: (1) Remittance, (2) Statement, (3) Summary of Charges, (4) Service Details and (5) Daily Usage.

The top portion (1) Remittance is to be separated and returned with your payment if you are paying by check.  This section includes the customer name and billing address.  Please contact the District with any changes. If requested, both the owner and the tenant may receive a copy of the Statement.  The owner’s name will appear as the first line with tenant below.  The total Amount Due is listed. The Statement Date is the date the statements were computed. The Due Date is the date the current charges are due. The After Due date pay is the amount to be paid only if payment is made after the Due Date. Notes – will state Past Due Balance if payment is made after the due date.

Penalties are assessed after charges become delinquent. The amount of the penalty is a one-time 10% charge and 0.5% interest charge per month thereafter.

The (2) Statement section includes the name of the property owner, the Account Number, the Statement Date, the property Location or name, the Previous Balance from the last statement, Payments received during the billing period, the Current Charges, the Amount Due and any Other Charges if applicable.

 The (3) Summary of Charges includes a sum total of the charges by Service type: Electric, Propane, Water, Waste Water, Solid Waste, and Fire Assessment. All services include the meter ID and usage in kilowatt hours (KWH) for Electric and cubic feet (CF) for Propane, Water and Waste Water charges.  Waste Water (Treated Water) charges are calculated using the metered Water Usage in (CF).  The Solid Waste Charge is a fixed amount.  The monthly Fire Assessment Charge is calculated by multiplying the square footage of your home by $0.04 and dividing by 12.

The (4) Service Details section provides additional detail for each Service provided.  Included for each: Previous Reading, Current Reading, Multiplier – used in calculating the rate (where appropriate), Usage – KWH or CF as appropriate for each Service and the number of days between meter reads, and the Charges for each Service.

For a complete listing of the current Rates for each service click here.

Electric Service includes a Base Rate, a Meter Charge, the Usage in KWH, and the Board of Equalization Surcharge.

Propane Service includes a Base Rate, a Meter Charge, Usage displayed in Cubic Feet, Fuel Adjustment charge or credit, and CPUC Surcharge.

Water includes a Base Rate, a Meter Charge, and Usage measured in Cubic Feet.

Waste Water includes a Base Rate and Usage displayed in Cubic Feet.

 The (5) Daily Usage displays daily average usage as billed for Electricity, Propane, and Water.  If available, the previous year’s usage for the same billing month will also appear.  For Electricity, the display includes the amount of Usage in KWH along with a calculation of the Usage per day in each billing period.  For Propane and Water, the display includes the amount of Usage if Usage in Cubic Feet (CF) along with the calculated usage per day for each billing period.

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If you have any questions, please contact the District at (209) 258-4444.


Updated: June 28, 2016