Erik Christeson, General Manager

Mr. Christeson joined the District in 2017 and is a California Licensed Professional Engineer who has worked extensively with regulators. state and local government agencies, both in the private and public sectors.


Rick Ansel, Assistant General Manager, Fire Chief

Rick Ansel joined the District in 2006 and was with Kirkwood Mountain Resort for six years prior to that.


Brandi Benson, Operations Manager

Brandi joined the District in 2012 and previously worked for Mountain Utilities.


Kelly McBride, Administrative Manager

Kelly McBride joined the District in 2012.  Prior to working for the District, Kelly worked for Kirkwood Mountain Resort for four years in the accounting department.


Drew Meteer, Technology Specialist

Drew Meteer has been in Kirkwood since 2006 and began working for the District in 2007.


Amie Pfeiffer, Accounting Specialist

Amie Pfeiffer joined the District in 2011.


Tommy Baggett, Accounting Specialist

Tommy Baggett joined the District in 2020.


Jessica Gillies, Clerk of the Board

Jessica Gillies joined the District in 2015 and previously worked for the KCA.


Derek Dornbrook – Water/Wastewater Supervisor

Derek Dornbrook joined the District in 2002 and was promoted to Water/Wastewater Supervisor in 2010.


Brandon Bruzzese, Water/Wastewater Operator 2

Brandon Bruzzese joined the District in 2018 and has a BS in Biological Sciences from UC Davis.


Chris Hostnik, Water/Wastewater OIT

Chris Hostnik joined the District in 2020.


Steve Neff, Electric/Propane Foreman

Steve Neff joined the District in 2009.


Ed Benson, Electric/Propane Operator 2

Ed Benson has been a Kirkwood powerhouse operator since 2001 and joined the District when Mountain Utilities assets were acquired.


Clayton Kelley, Electric/Propane Operator 1

Clayton Kelly joined the District in 2020 and previously worked for Kirkwood Mountain Resort.


David Poste, Mechanic

David Poste joined the District at the beginning of the winter season in 2020.


Joe Pellerin, Snow Removal/Construction Foreman

Joe Pellerin came to Kirkwood in 1999 and joined the District in 2005 as the seasonal Snow Removal Supervisor and in 2012 became a full-time employee.


David Waddle, Snow Removal/Construction Supervisor

David Waddle began working in the Kirkwood area in 1985 and joined the District in 2002.



Updated May 2021