Safety Tips

Dispose of barbecue and fireplace ashes in the container near the Aces dumpsters on Loop Road marked “Ashes Only”.  Do not dump them on your property!

Periodically do a safety check around your home to make sure that your appliances and wiring are in good shape.

Use electrical appliances with three-pronged plugs.

Unplug electrical appliances when not in use.

When using space heaters, keep them at least four feet from furniture and drapes.  Do not leave these on when you go to sleep.

Replace batteries in your smoke and CO detectors once a year.

Turn off lights before replacing the bulb.

Use extension cords minimally.

Propane Leaks:  If you think you smell propane, call the KMPUD at 775-901-1565.

Odor:  Propane is colorless, odorless, tasteless and non-toxic.  An additive (Mercaptan) in the propane gives it a distinctive odor (similar to rotting eggs or sulfur).

Vegetation:  Propane leaking from an underground pipeline can destroy vegetation by starving the roots of air and water.  An unusual dry patch of vegetation, within an otherwise green area, could indicate a below ground propane leak.

Sound:  A blowing or hissing sound could indicate the presence of a propane leak.

Fungus-like growth:  Propane leaks in valve boxes, manholes, etc., may develop a fungus-like growth that is white in color.

Do not light items such as matches or cigarettes, or use any device that may generate a spark such as electrical switches, telephones (cell and land line phones), doorbells, automobiles or other engines, etc.  Extinguish all flames, evacuate the building to a safe distance, and turn off propane if feasible.  To report a propane leak, call 775-901-1565 and inform appropriate qualified personnel of the situation and the location of the leak.  Do not make the phone call from the area where the propane leak is present.

Call Before You Dig

Dial 811 to be connected to the call center to submit a ticket to let utility members know where you plan to dig.  Utility members will respond to your ticket by marking your dig site.  Once all utility members have responded to your ticket and your start time has passed you may get to work.  Visit for more information.