June 2020
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Kirkwood VIRTUAL Summer Festival - IT'S ON!
New Playground Construction Starts This Month
Clearing Vegetation Around District Infrastructure
Chipping Program
Invasive Weeds Around Kirkwood
Irrigation Meter Policy 2020
Public Hearing Reminder

Kirkwood VIRTUAL Summer Festival-IT’S ON
JULY 5, 2020 | 5:00PM to 6:00PM
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Greetings! We hope the following update on our current program for the Kirkwood Virtual Summer Festival on July 5th will spark your interest and offer optimism as we begin to look towards the future.

Many of you are aware that the Kirkwood Summer Festival is the signature fundraiser for the Kirkwood Volunteer Fire Department (KVFD) and is usually a BBQ community event. While the plaza won’t be our setting this year, we will VIRTUALLY be together as a community.

Please consider supporting KVFD in as many ways as you can. Your support means that our community stays safer because of our volunteer fire department. We’ll see them in action during the Virtual Event on July 5th.

Here are actions that you can take to make a difference:

DONATE NOW: click HERE  Please consider making a donation to help us meet our goal of purchasing the Light Rescue Command vehicle for KVFD. Our goal is to raise $30,000 net in each of the next four years to help realize this vision.
VIRTUAL EVENT: click HERE Come Zoom with us and honor our firefighters. There will be videos to watch, along with a short LIVE portion of the program. Then stick around for a chance to see your friends, neighbors and meet new friends in breakout rooms at the end of the event…dress up in festive 4th of July clothing or wear your SIP outfit!
ONLINE AUCTION: click HERE  There are lots of unique and fun items this year…dreaming about a take-out meal from Acquerello in SF (hey, take-out from a 2 star Michelin restaurant); or a Frogs Leap 2013 Merlot Rutherford Napa Valley Magnum (you might need to save this one for a future shared celebration); stunning pieces of art; Google Pixel Buds (they fit really well and have cool features-hot item!); charming handknit baby items and so much more! BUT, we need you to REGISTER now (please) so you can BROWSE AND BID. Online Auction: https://www.biddingforgood.com/auction/auctionhome.action?vhost=KVFD
KVFD BEAR "MASKOT": Help us welcome and name our newest mask wearing member to the KVFD. The bear needs a name! Please click HERE and submit a name (everyday if you want) for the bear. Bear name submissions close at 5:00 PM on June 20th . There is a cool prize if your entry is the winner so please send them in! Here’s how it works: (1) from your entries, the firefighters will select their top 5 favorites, (2) you’ll have a chance to vote for your favorite during the first half of the Virtual Event, (3) we’ll tally the results during the last half of the event and announce the winner at the end!

We hope you can join the Kirkwood Virtual Summer Festival and that this event gives you something to look forward to. We are optimistic and inspired by your support over the years.

New Playground Construction
Starts This Month

Thanks to the generous support from the Kirkwood Community, construction of the new playground will begin in June with an expected completion by the end of August. Funding for the new playground equipment and site improvements comes from donations received from over 60 community and corporate contributors combined with donated labor from several local contractors and work by District staff who will continue to be responsible for annual maintenance of the equipment. As the ground dries out, District Staff will demolish the existing footings. Later in June, the site will be graded and new pathways and footings prepared. In July the new footings, pathways and pads will be prepared. This will be followed by pouring of concrete and then the installation of the new equipment (see conceptual drawing below). Health and safety conditions permitting, we will hold a barbecue celebration on September 6th. Many thanks to the entire community, the playground committee, and work by District Staff for making this project possible.

Clearing Vegetation Around District Infrastructure

KMPUD crews will be doing vegetation management in utility easements throughout Kirkwood this summer. Work is scheduled to start in early June and run through July. KMPUD has easements throughout the Valley over our underground facilities and around surface mounted equipment, such as electric transformer boxes. To ensure the reliable, safe delivery of utilities, KMPUD must manage the vegetation on these easements. Typical vegetation management that you can expect to see includes removing vegetation in a four foot radius around surface equipment and removing small trees and shrubs from easements above underground pipes and lines so that roots don’t grow into the infrastructure and cause damage to equipment, or in the case of sewer lines, spills. Trees less than six inches in diameter at breast height (dbh) that are within four feet or present a hazard as noted above and willows, shrubs, and grasses will be trimmed back or removed as necessary.  This removal has been pre-approved by Tri-TAC.  Trees larger than six inch dbh will be flagged for later review by Tri-TAC when they recommence meeting. This work will be done with hand and power tools. If you have questions, please call the District office at (209) 258-4444.

Chipping Program

With funds raised at the 2014 Kirkwood Summer Festival the Kirkwood Volunteer Fire Department purchased an Echo Bearcat Wood-Chipper and has been providing roadside chipping free of charge to help Kirkwood homeowners create defensible space on their properties. Having 100 feet of defensible space around your home, as required by California law, dramatically increases the chance of your house surviving a wildfire and provides safety for firefighters when protecting your home. CalFire staff has stated publicly that they will return again this year to perform inspections of defensible space compliance. This summer the chipping program will begin the second week of July and will end the second week of October (weather permitting).

Here’s what you need to know:
• District staff will perform chipping brush and limbs that have been stacked correctly during the second weeks of July, August, September, and October (weather permitting) respectively. The Chipping Program will end after the second week of October. Any brush or limbs stacked after October 9, 2020 will not be chipped this year.
• Stack only cut brush and limbs up to 4 inches in diameter within 5 feet of the road edge, with cut ends facing toward the road, no higher than 4 feet. Pile in windrows like firewood, not heaped like a beaver dam (as seen in the picture below). Keep materials free of pinecones, pine needles, mud, rocks, wire or other items that will clog or damage the chipper.
• Do not stack in the road, next to fire hydrants, culverts or in any way that will impede traffic on the road.
• No building debris, natural material only. Materials that cannot be chipped for any reason, including incorrectly stacked materials, will not be chipped or removed.
• All chipped material will be returned to the homeowner’s property.

Invasive Weeds Around Kirkwood

As the snow melts and the weather warms up, invasive weeds will start popping up around Kirkwood. The most prevalent weed in Kirkwood is Sweet Clover (pictured below). Sweet Clover invades native grasslands by overtopping and shading native sun-loving plants, and grows abundantly on disturbed lands, roadsides and meadows. There are several areas in Kirkwood where Sweet Clover grows and spreads unabated. You can help control this invasive weed on your property by cutting it before the flowers emerge or hand pulling small infestations when the soil is moist. These plants are hearty and pulling them up by their roots is laborious and should only be done in the spring and early summer, not when they are in full flower or seeding in the fall. If you notice this weed on your property, now is the time to remove it. Other weeds that do not belong here such as scotch broom and various types of thistles and knapweeds will grow as well and should be removed. For more information on invasive weeds in the Sierra Nevada and to help you identify other invasive weeds and non-native plants, follow this link to University of Nevada’s information on Invasive Weeds of the Lake Tahoe Basin: https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/27530787/invasive-weeds-of-the-lake-tahoe-basin-university-of-nevada-

Irrigation Meter Policy

The District provides irrigation water service to our customers during summer months. This water is delivered by dedicated meters which are turned on in late spring and turned off in the fall. District Staff will turn on all meters on by the end of the first week of June and off by October 31st. These dates may vary due to snow, obstructions, or anticipated early snow fall.

Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Changes in Water and Wastewater Rates and Revisions to the Rate Structure

IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING COVID-19 AND THIS PUBLIC HEARING: Due to mandates by the governor and the Alpine and Amador County Health officers to shelter in place and guidance from the CDC to minimize the spread of COVID-19, please note this public hearing will take place via video/teleconference.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on Saturday, June 13, 2020 at 8:00 a.m. (or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard) via video/teleconference, the Board of Directors of the Kirkwood Meadows Public Utility District will hold a Public Hearing to receive input on proposed changes in water and wastewater rates and revisions to the rate structure.

The District’s Board wants Community feedback and to answer any questions that may arise.
To that end they have called for a:
Public Hearing 8:00 am on June 13, 2020
Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/96478194871
Dial-In: (669) 900-6833 and enter Meeting ID# 964 7819 4871

Please note, all participants will be automatically muted upon entering the Public Hearing Telephone: Listen and participate live by calling Zoom at (669) 900-6833 and enter the Meeting ID# 964-7819-4871. Raise your hand to talk by pressing *9.
Computer: Follow this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/96478194871
Raise your hand to talk by clicking Participants/Raise Hand.
Mobile: Login through the Zoom mobile app on a smartphone and enter Meeting ID# 964-7819-4871. Raise your hand to talk by clicking Participants/Raise Hand.

NOTE: If State and County Health Officer COVID-19 guidelines are relaxed at the time of this public hearing, the public hearing will take place at the District Offices: 8:00 am on Saturday, June 13, 2020
Community Services Building 33540 Loop Road, Kirkwood, CA 95646

If you have any questions regarding the proposed changes, or if you would like to submit comments before the Public Hearing, please contact the District office at the below address, or by calling 209-258-4444, or by e-mail to jgillies@kmpud.com.

Kirkwood Meadows Public Utility District
Re: Water and Wastewater Rates
P.O. Box 247
Kirkwood, CA 95646


KMPUD Board of Directors:
Eric Richert - President; Bob Epstein - Vice President;
Standish O’Grady -Treasurer; Peter Dornbrook - Secretary; Bertrand Perroud - Assistant Secretary; Website: www.kmpud.com Call: (209) 258-4444 Email: info@kmpud.com
Kirkwood Meadows Public Utility District is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer


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