August 2020
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Virtual Kirkwood Summer Festival Success!
Resource Efficiency and Community Service Award
Solid Waste
Annual Kirkwood 5K/10K and Kids Fun Run Cancelled
New District Staff
Chipping Program

           Virtual Kirkwood Summer Festival Success!

Thank you to everyone that took part in Kirkwood Volunteer Fire Department’s (KVFD) annual fundraiser, the
VIRTUAL Kirkwood Summer Festival. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting public health restrictions forced the Summer Festival Committee to re-invent the annual KVFD fundraiser, which usually takes place on the Plaza with live music, lots of socializing, and wine and beer tasting. The Kirkwood Community came out in force, virtually, to support Kirkwood’s first responders and we blew past our fundraising goal for this season. An anonymous donor generously donated a challenge donation of $60,000 and the community rose to the challenge, donating $61,851 for a total of $121,851. Cash donations combined with Silent Auction proceeds of $14,019 gave KVFD a grand total of $135,870! Thank you to everyone that donated and helped make the VIRTUAL Kirkwood Summer Festival so successful! If you missed the virtual event on July 5th, you can still watch the KVFD Firefighters Video  created and directed by documentary filmmaker, Anh Oppenheimer, a Kirkwood resident.

Resource Efficiency and Community Service Award

KMPUD along with seven other publicly owned electric utilities and water agencies took top honors in the 2020 California Municipal Utilities Association (CMUA) Resource Efficiency & Community Service Awards for outstanding projects advancing best practices and innovative ideas in the industry. Selected by a panel of judges, the District won 1st place in the small-size utility category for our Renewable Electricity and Propane Offset Program. This voluntary program gives you the opportunity to use 100% renewable electricity and offset 100% of the greenhouse gases emitted from propane use at your Kirkwood home. Coming up, in October 2020, you will once again have the opportunity to participate in this program. Beginning on October 1 and running through October 31, 2020, the Renewable Electricity and Propane Offset Program will be available for you to voluntarily purchase Renewable Energy Credits and Carbon Offsets to offset your electric and propane use at your Kirkwood home for the previous 12-month period.  Stay tuned to the District Newsletter for details on how to participate.

Solid Waste

Recently, the District has seen an increase in prohibited items discarded at the solid waste Transfer Station located on Loop Road. Please by mindful of what you are discarding as all solid waste must be transported out of Kirkwood to an offsite transfer station. Violators may be subject to fines per District regulations.

Prohibited Items:
• Highly flammable or explosive waste
• Raw Sewage
• Radioactive waste
• Paint
• Infectious or contagious material
• Dead animals
• Car and truck batteries
• Household appliances (e.g., refrigerators, washers and dryers, dishwashers)
• Heavy metal items (e.g. auto parts)
• Tires
• Tree stumps
• Logs or firewood
• Christmas Trees or other plant material longer than 4 feet or thicker than 6 inches
• Carpet or other floor coverings
• Debris generated from a construction, demolition, remodeling, repair or improvement project (e.g., lumber, concrete, bricks, cinder blocks, sheet rock, roofing materials, etc.)

If you have a contractor performing work at your property, the Contractor is required, at its expense, to provide a dumpster at the work site to collect solid waste generated from the work and to make arrangements for the disposal at a landfill or transfer station located outside of Kirkwood. If you have questions or concerns, please call the District office at (209) 258-4444.

Annual Kirkwood 5K/10K and Kids Fun Run CANCELLED

We are sad to announce, due to Governor and Local Health Officer Orders and restrictions for gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Kirkwood Volunteer Fire Department will not be able to host the 40th Annual Kirkwood 5K/10K and Kids Fun Run this year, traditionally held Labor Day weekend. As this is one of Kirkwood’s longest running events and a fun tradition for many, we look forward to bringing back this event Labor Day weekend 2021.

New District Staff

The District welcomes Greg Russ and Tommy Baggett as the newest members of the District staff. Greg is our new Electric/Propane Operator, bringing many years of experience and expertise to the team. Tommy is our new Accounting Specialist also with several years of experience and real-world training. Both Greg and Tommy are local, from Amador County, and have seamlessly integrated into the District.

Chipping Program

With funds raised at the 2014 Kirkwood Summer Festival the Kirkwood Volunteer Fire Department purchased an Echo Bearcat Wood-Chipper and has been providing roadside chipping free of charge to help Kirkwood homeowners create defensible space on their properties. Having 100 feet of defensible space around your home, as required by California law, dramatically increases the chance of your house surviving a wildfire and provides safety for firefighters when protecting your home. CalFire staff has stated publicly that they will return again this year to perform inspections of defensible space compliance. This summer the chipping program will begin the second week of July and will end the second week of October (weather permitting).

Here’s what you need to know:
• District staff will perform chipping brush and limbs that have been stacked correctly during the second weeks of August, September, and October (weather permitting) respectively. The Chipping Program will end after the second week of October. Any brush or limbs stacked after October 9, 2020 will not be chipped this year.
• Stack only cut brush and limbs up to 4 inches in diameter within 5 feet of the road edge, with cut ends facing toward the road, no higher than 4 feet. Pile in windrows like firewood, not heaped like a beaver dam (as seen in the picture below). Keep materials free of pinecones, pine needles, mud, rocks, wire or other items that will clog or damage the chipper.
• Do not stack in the road, next to fire hydrants, culverts or in any way that will impede traffic on the road.
• No building debris, natural material only. Materials that cannot be chipped for any reason, including incorrectly stacked materials, will not be chipped or removed.
• All chipped material will be returned to the homeowner’s property


KMPUD Board of Directors:
Eric Richert - President; Bob Epstein - Vice President;
Standish O’Grady -Treasurer; Peter Dornbrook - Secretary; Bertrand Perroud - Assistant Secretary; Website: Call: (209) 258-4444 Email:
Kirkwood Meadows Public Utility District is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer


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