Meadow Trail System Project

Posted on April 8, 2014

Last year the KMPUD Planning Committee initiated a project to improve the trail in the Kirkwood Meadow.   The vision for the effort involved creating a summer experience in the Kirkwood Meadow that parallels the winter experience with the cross country trail system.  Members of the planning sub-committee reached out to Vail, who owns the meadow, the Kirkwood Community Association, and Kirkwood Capital Partners to solicit their input and financial support for the project.  All parties indicated support for the project.  The proposed trail would roughly follow the trail that exists in the meadow today with a recognition that the pathway not be on private property.   The concept for the project suggested using community volunteers to construct the trail once a qualified trail contractor had established a path, and any surveys and permits had been completed.

The concept was presented to various community groups and government entities to gather input and support.

A portion of the proposed trail is on KMPUD property.  This summer we hope to complete the permitting process to develop that trail segment with our trail contractor in order to demonstrate to the community members, stakeholders, county representatives and others what the trail would be like, how it would be constructed, how wide it might be, etc., in order to build consensus around the effort.  More information about the proposed project will be available at the Kirkwood Volunteer Fireman’s Barbeque on the afternoon of July 5.