KMPUD Service Alerts

The Kirkwood Meadows Public Utility District (District) has upgraded the utility and emergency service alert program for our customers. The District is now using an Emergency Notification system that is directly built into our new website The District has made the process of signing up for this new program as quick and easy as clicking on a couple of boxes on your “My Profile” page in your account.

To sign up for this new and improved system please click HERE  and log into your account. Once logged in go to:

  • Here you will find 3 options to click on:
  1. Text: you may add a number if you would like—if left blank it will default to the mobile number you have listed in your KMPUD profile cell number.
  2. Voice: same as above. If left blank it will default to home telephone number. If no home number is listed in profile—will it default to cell?
  3. Email: you may add an email—if left blank it will default to KMPUD profile email

This new system will allow The District to send out utility and emergency service alerts to condo complexes, individual owners, and individual owners by street name, and/or entire neighborhoods.