Developer Packet


This Developer Packet is to provide guidance to contractors and developers requesting service from the Kirkwood Meadows Public Utility District (District).

This packet is intended to assist applicants in submitting building plans in the Kirkwood Valley. A careful review of the information will help avoid unnecessary delays and expense.

It should be understood that the acceptances of fees and documents for processing a permit does not, by itself, assure that a permit will be issued for a construction project unless all requirements and conditions set forth by regulatory and county agencies have been met.

The 2003 Kirkwood Specific Plan allows for a total of 1,413 residential units at build-out, encompassing portions of Alpine, Amador and El Dorado Counties.  Connection Fees are fees that are paid by new development to connect to the District’s system and pay for infrastructure needed to service that development.  Connection fees for Water, Wastewater, Electric and Propane are established per Ordinance 14-02.  Those fees, in addition to County fire impact fees and District Time & Material rates are included in the Connection Fees and Services.

Click this link for a list of Connections Fees and Services.

Click this link for to view PUD CFD Parcel Tax Reporting

Click this link to view  Design Standards Electric Meter Enclosure

Click this link to view Design Standards Propane Meter Enclosure

District's banner showing Kirkwood Mountain Resort's "The Wall" and "Sentinel Bowl"