Kirkwood Meadows Public Utilities District




PURPOSE:  The Communications Committee is established as a standing committee of the Board of Directors whose primary duties are to oversee communication between the District and its members and customers; to ensure accurate and timely two-way exchange of information between the parties; to promote District outreach by finding ways to pro-actively solicit input from the community; and, to promote effective and responsive public relations for the District.  The Committee’s oversight responsibility shall include, but not be limited to the web site, newsletters and special notices, Channel 19, methods of emergency communications, and special informational meetings.

MEMBERSHIP: The Communications Committee shall consist of three to five voting members consisting of two directors and from one to three District members. The General Manager shall be a non-voting member of the Committee.

The Committee may establish such subcommittees as it believes are necessary to fulfill its purpose.

MEMBERSHIIP TERM: The term for each of the two director members shall be two years.   The term for each of the District members shall be three years, staggered so that, with three District Members, one term shall expire each year. The Board may re-appoint District members at the ends of their terms.

COMMITTEE CHAIR: The Committee shall elect a director member to serve as Committee Chair.  The Chair, or his/her designee, shall lead the Committee meetings and shall be the authorized liaison for requests and communications between the Committee and the Board and management.

MEETINGS:  Meetings of the Communications Committee are subject to the Brown Act meeting and notice requirements.  Subject to compliance with noticing requirements, the Committee shall meet as often as the Chair of the Committee deems necessary or desirable, but in no case shall it meet less frequent than quarterly.

COMMITTEE RESPONSIBILITIES: The Committee shall keep itself fully informed of District activities and of all means used to communicate news and information about those activities to the community.     Regarding the above, the Committee’s primary responsibilities are as follows:

  • Assist with development of operational policies and practices for the District web site and channel 19 and methods for emergency communications;
  • Every two years, or more frequently as the Board or Committee deems necessary, engage with District customers through town meetings, survey, or other means to gauge customer satisfaction with District services, and whether customers believe that services should be expanded, reduced, or modified. Report results to the Board to determine if changes to operations or planning for new or modified services are required.
  • Regularly review communication tools and materials for effectiveness and make recommendations for change consistent with current “best practices” for districts of similar size and complexity;
  • Assist with preparation, editing, proof-reading, and publication and/or transmission of notices, special information pieces, presentations, etc.;
  • Conduct research on technology and processes that might help the District better accomplish its communication objectives;
  • Develop market research/opinion polls to measure effectiveness of District communications;
  • Conduct an annual self-evaluation of the performance of the Committee and the effectiveness of and compliance with this charter.