Click the link below to view the approved KMPUD budget for FY 2020 – 2024

KMPUD 2020-2024 Operating Budget Assumptions

KMPUD 2020-2024 Operating Budget

KMPUD 2020-2024 Capital Plan


 Click the link below to view the Independent Auditors Report for FYE 2019

                                               Kirkwood Meadows PUD 2019 Audit


Click the link below to review the 2018-19 CDIAC yearly fiscal status report for the Kirkwood Meadows PUD CFD No. 98-1.

Kirkwood 2019 CDIAC 2005 Bonds

Kirkwood Continuing Disclosure Annual Report 2005 Bonds

Kirkwood PUD CFD No. 1998-1 Parcel Tax Reporting FY 2018-19