Renewable Electricity Propane Offset Program

KMPUD’s 100% Renewable Electricity and 100% Carbon Offset Program

This voluntary program makes it easy for our customers to have 100% renewable electricity and/or offset 100% of the greenhouse gasses emitted from propane use at your Kirkwood home.  This is achieved through the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) for electricity use and the purchase of Carbon Offsets to offset greenhouse gas emissions created from propane use.  RECs will be purchased through Shell Energy and come from a variety of renewable energy suppliers servicing the California grid.  Carbon Offsets will be purchased from Bonneville Environmental Foundation and will support the McCloud River Improved Forest Management Project, located 20 miles southeast of Mt. Shasta.  Through conservation-based management of commercial timberlands, this project creates a return on investment through sustainable forest management that increases the total carbon stores and timber stocking on the site over time.  Other benefits such as protection of water quality and sensitive species habitat are achieved while timber is extracted, supporting the local economy.  This project is approximately 9,000 acres and comprises the largest working conservation easement west of the Rockies.  It ensures that 15 square miles of forest and 8 miles of the famous McCloud River will be forested and productive in perpetuity. To learn more about the McCloud River Improved Forest Management Project and the third party sustainability certification company providing independent accreditation for the project, SCS Global Services, click here.

What are Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)?

RECs represent the energy generated by renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power.  A REC is produced when a renewable energy supplier generates one megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity and delivers it to the California grid.  RECs account for, track, and assign ownership to renewable electricity generation and use.  When you purchase a REC, you ensure that 1 MWh of renewable electricity is being added to the grid on your behalf. You are buying the same “Tier 1 REC” as KMPUD and all other California utilities use to meet their Renewable Portfolio Standard requirements.

What are Carbon Offsets?

Carbon offsets are a form of trade.  Carbon offsetting means compensating for the carbon-dioxide pollution you’re making by preventing the same amount of pollution from happening somewhere else.  One carbon offset compensates for emitting one metric ton of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by preventing one metric ton of carbon dioxide from entering into the atmosphere elsewhere.  Carbon offsets typically support projects that reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses in the short or long-term.  KMPUD will only consider offset projects registered with the California Climate Action Reserve. KMPUD intends to purchase offsets from sustainable forestry management projects that benefit the Sierras. The McCloud River Project is one such example.